Happy New Year from BuildStartup100!

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible journey we’ve shared throughout the past year. The BuildStartup100 community has been a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and growth, and we are thrilled to share some highlights from our remarkable 2023 with you.

🌟 Our 2023 Highlights  🌟

Initiative Inception: Our journey began with a spark of passion for entrepreneurship, and it has grown into a thriving community. Together, we nurtured BuildStartup100 from a mere idea into a dynamic force.

Eswatini Workshop: The success of our inaugural workshop in Eswatini was a testament to the power of creativity and the impact of entrepreneurship. Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge that $100 can spark impactful startups, we invite you to revisit the highlights here.

Media Buzz: We made headlines in Israel and created waves in Eswatini, leaving an indelible mark. Check out our feature on “How to Build a Startup with $100”: Get Rich from $100 (Israel) Kan 11 Feature (Israel) Eswatini Spotlight

Academic Spotlight: We took our vision and presented it at the Africa Tribune held at Tel Aviv University in May. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing knows no bounds—read about our presentation here.

Navigating Challenges: In the face of challenges, we adapted. Our workshop in Morocco faced a temporary setback due to the tumultuous war in Israel, but hope shines on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates on rescheduling in Q2 2024.

Accepted to Olam: We are proud to announce our acceptance into Olam, a global network fostering positive change. Together, we will amplify our impact and continue making a difference.

🌟 Our 2024 Plans 🌟

As we embark on a new year, our compass points toward fresh horizons and exciting opportunities.

Morocco: We are heading to Morocco with our great partners at UM6P. We are eager to empower Moroccan dreamers and the startup ecosystem.

Burundi: We’ll sow seeds of entrepreneurship, nurturing a community that thrives on innovation.

Angola: The rhythm of Angola’s heartbeat resonates with ours. We’ll dance to the tune of possibility, fostering startups that harmonize passion and purpose.

Next? Open to Suggestions: Our sails catch the winds of curiosity. Where should we set our course next? Your ideas matter—drop us a line, and let’s chart this adventure together!

🚀 Buckle up, BuildStartup100! The best is yet to come. Here’s to a year of audacious dreams, relentless determination, and transformative impact. Let’s build, create, and inspire!

With entrepreneurial zest,
Dr. Ron Adany and BuildStartup100 Team 🌟