My startup journey: Sithembiso Mangwe

My name is Sithembiso Mangwe, and I am a graduate of How to Build a Startup with $100 ( which took place on Mar 2023 in Eswatini. I would like to share some words regarding my start-up business, Click n Eat, which unfortunately failed.

Click n’ Eat, which aimed to deliver food from local restaurants and help clients order online, failed due to different reasons, but it offered insight and guidance on how to manage a business in the future.

The main cause of our failure was the target restaurants, which rejected our request to collaborate and become our partners. The rejection of our request forced us to stop using an app we were going to use since it needed investments on its own- about $3,200.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Do not be afraid of failure because if you fall, picking yourself up and continuing your journey as an entrepreneur offers valuable lessons to guide you toward success.

As a Tourism Graduate, I have now ventured into another business and started operating a travel agency. My new venture, Afri Travel and Tours, utilizes the knowledge I gained from How to Build a Startup with $100 to sell custom-made travel packages and manage a growing business


I would like to thank the support from my Former Member of parliament in Eswatini, Mr L. Dlamini, for providing me with the opportunity to platform my start-up idea. I would also like to thank my partner Mr Mandisa Dlamini who put effort and knowledge as an IT Graduate.

Lastly, I would like to thank the BuildStartup100 opportunity, as I am still able to apply the lessons I learned despite being unsuccessful with my initial venture.