My startup journey: Fezi Nkambule

My name is Fezi Nkambule, and I am a graduate of How to Build a Startup with $100 ( which took place on Mar 2023 in Eswatini. I would like to share my startup journey since the workshop.


Where I grew up in Eswatini, cattle farmers such as my relatives experience much cattle theft. For example, in my area, the average farmer maintained around 25 cattle, but as the thefts continued, that number dropped to around 10 cattle on average. I was heavily involved in fighting the theft, but it got to a point where many farmers just quit livestock farming due to the risks, such as my father.

This problem gave me the idea to turn to technology as a possible cure for this widespread problem. Fortunately enough, I participated in a workshop titled ‘Build Startup with $100” facilitated by Dr. Ron Adany, a start-up expert from Israel. The workshop was able to put my idea into action, as I was able to engage with Dr. Adany as I developed my concept.

The Idea

My start-up idea would be to create an app where farmers would be able to monitor their livestock’s real-time location due to a device on the animal. Hopefully, this would help prevent future thefts due to knowing where the cattle were at all times.

Factors to Consider

For the project to succeed, I had to consider the following factors:

  1. Regulation of the network that we will use
  2. The willingness of farmers to pay for the project
  3. Getting the necessary equipment from a supplier at an affordable price
  4. Location to do a pilot

Cause of Failure

Ultimately, the cost of such a project proved too much for local farmers, and they were unwilling to join the venture. Without the collaboration of local farmers, my start-up idea failed.

Lessons Learnt

  • Whenever you have an entrepreneurial idea, you have to check its feasibility and start working immediately. If you procrastinate, others will beat you to success.
  • For a successful project, you need a trusted professional mentor or advisor. Choose the right one.
  • Not all family and friends will want to see your project succeed, so whenever you talk with them make sure that you weigh both their advice and any disadvantages that listening to them may entail. After all, it’s not about pleasing them.
  • Before investing too much time or money into a start-up idea, make sure that the target market will pay for it.

Recommendations for Similar Startups

  • To overcome such a failure, shift your focus into your target market and build a client base.
  • Set yourself deadlines and respect them.
  • Seek advice from other entrepreneurs that have successful startups.


I hope my words will help aspiring entrepreneurs. As for me, I’m looking forward to doing another project soon. Luckily, the lessons I learned will be helpful in my future ventures.